mood: big question mark in my head
Answer that question, from the heart within
Trying my very best to speak to you,
The voice didn’t reach through
And misery strikes me again

My soul looked far beyond the sky
There I saw you, reaching your hands towards me
I tried to grab it
But it just passed through, like I’m invincible

Theres noone who knows whether it is right or wrong
So be free, be yourself

What are my purpose in life,
If you weren’t there to help me
Illusioning things that aren’t there
The rain finally came grizzling down

I kept getting those dreams lately
With those words whispering to me
In denial, I won’t ever accept myself
But you are still there for me..

Time is so
hopelessly selfish
I can hear you saying that in your heart,
Just from spending a little time beside you

Every tragedy has some important meaning
When one day I look back and smile
Those memories of mine will fade away but

The tears I’ve shed will become my strength..

Saturday of 5th January:
woke up around 11.33pm by mom as she wanted to talk about my school. after that, bathed and slacked all the way at home until 5+ when they planned to go pasir ris to slack.
so around 6 i went out meeting them at pasir ris.
while at pasir ris, met raimi first at 7-eleven and buy some stuffs.
coincidentally met ayu and..
oh, so after that met lukman and farhaimi at pasir ris town park.
slacked, laughed and went to white sands’s toilet.
snapped some shots and went to central to eat.
around 10 we went home by 5.
oh, don’t joke around about things like that..