mood: sick
Fragile Heart
Are you gonna be by my side?
You know I’ll be standing here still
Any time and any place
Too many souls,
One fragile heart

I want to see you, but I can’t
You don’t reply my callings and I get worried
Now it seems I’m confused of everything
I’m filled with unpleasant thoughts

It’s not that I doubt you
Just for a second, just a little bit is fine
I want to see you..

If I could hear your voice,
I want to be close to you
But the truth is
I really just want to hear it a lot from you..

When I see your face I can’t say it
Even though I had quite a lot of things in my mind

If you could be close to me!
I don’t care if I’m selfish
This is how I really feel, be by my side
I want to be close to you
It’s fine once in a while, isn’t it?
My love is overflowing

Just take my love..

Friday of January 4th:
woke up exactly at 1.36pm from my alarm clock.
received a phone call from iskandar and proceeded to meet raimi at simei mrt around 3.30pm
met him and went to lavender along with iskandar and farhaimi which rode on from bedok.
reached and iskandar never had enough money for his lost ic so we slacked and eat at beach road.
was very delicous so after that, went to bedok reservoir to meet lukman. it was raining very heavily and it change my mood sometime.
met lukman and proceeded to ifah’s house to repair her computer.
soon, aishah arrived and slacked while waiting me to finish it.
then raimi and farhaimi went up and slacked altogether but aishah needed to go home around 9+.
so finished around 10+ and went home by 5.

and i really love you, fullstop