mood: disheartened
Two Thousand Seven
As I pushed the door towards life
Thousand of questions and answers awaits me but
One thing didn’t run to me
I knew that I need to catch that sky
But the rain kept hindering me

Sorrow! Please run away from me
I kept this feelings locked
Awaiting for you, the key to it

The passionless snow freezes me
But still, I kept waiting
As you walked pass through me
The heart melts..

The sound of the music plays melodious
Flowing through like my heartbeat
Which pounds everytime,
Whispering your name right through me

I didn’t wanted it
But you kept appearing
Even when I was surrounded with people
Why do I still feel alone

I tried to scream out loud
But it didnt came, the voice
And tears pours out..

Of course,
The soul and heart kept striking
With misery filled arrows
But I tried to reflect it
As this feeling of love grows towards you

Counting down the minutes continuously
I sat down, aimlessly
Cause I knew,

You’re still there, wherever you are..

Sunday of December 30th:
currently, i don’t have any mood..
update later.
am now slacking, so here it is, woke up around 12.38pm and slacked until 6pm.
went to meet lukman, aishah, ifah, raimi & farhaimi.
no mood at all cause of the rain this few days maybe.
slacked with them at pasir ris.
had to put on those fake smiles again.
around 9.30pm, went home by bus no 5.
am still sick due to the freezing rain.
but sacrificed my only medicine at home for..
so yeah, am coughing like hell now while typing this post.

and i wish..
that she will take notice even for once..