mood: confused+heartbreak+happy+sad
I will forever smile,
Smile for you
Gazing at you from afar
Take good care of this heartbeat of mine

I gently put on the mask I’ve always wanted
I’ve discovered a self different from the one of the past
But hey, no matter how much I stretch out to reach you
I’m always a couple of centimeters short away from your heart

Who is it that you wish to see right now?
I want to be your answer
Someday surely..

I will still forever smile,
Smile for you
I search for you in the skies
Where I count the falling stars

Please smile, smile for me
Even just for a moment
Take notice of my lonely heart
Now looking down without saying a word

I used to flee when my eyes meet those of another
My heart is brimming and somehow it hurts so much, it kills me
The passionate feelings sleeping
In my confused heart,
It has awaken

There’s someone I want to see most
Just with that thought I want to become stronger, gentler

I will always smile, smile for you
Gazing at you from afar
Take good care of this cold heartbeat of mine
Occasionally smile, smile for me too
Don’t pretend as if you didn’t know
Embrace my lonely heart
That’s about to weep whenever the wind blows,

Even when everytime
The cold rain swepts my tears
Covering my saddistic face
But still in my heartbeat

It says your name everytime..

Saturday of December 29th:
woke up around 12pm and bathed.
received a text messaged from lukman.
so around 2+, met him and farhaimi at around his neighbourhood.
bought some goods and proceeded to take 5 to meet aishah.
met her and waited for another bus 5 cause we wanted to go far east plaza.
5 came and slept at the bus.
woke up and arrived at far east plaza.
bought honeydew ice-blended and proceeded to paragon.
so me and farhaimi splitted up with lukman and aishah.
met them back at youth park and raimi had already arrived.
slacked at youth park and after awhile,
around 6+ walked towards esplanade from somerset.
arrived and slacked there until 7+ when zouk and the gang arrived.
slacked again, and after awhile too the gig started.
the first band was o-kay but noone did moshed.
so, slacked and after awhile, comic strips played and we just moshed and moshed.
met ifah too inside the gig.
moshed until half-faint and went out to put my bag and other stuffs.
farhaimi took care of them and went back in.
moshed, skank-ed until last part which is my favourite part.
*you know what i did this gig right?*
so yeah, after that,
slacked and around 10.45pm went home by mrt.

& things just get too complicated each time,
that my heart filled with mixed emotions,
the cold-ness of..