mood: happy, cause she’s back!
this dedication is specially for her..
Held in young hands around me
The light is still shivering.
I’ve come all this way
Wandering along the edges of time.

I came, searching still
Without even knowing your name,
But one little feeling
I only wanted to hand it over to you

It has been echoing in my chest
For who knows how long.
Although it’s a whisper thinner
Than a drop of the evening fog.

Towards the darkness of the frozen stars
A spinning prayer
May it reach your distant sky….

Sometimes i catch and hold the
Love and pain, tightly in my arms.
It will fade away, but
I will surely remember it…

I’ve found a love that I would risk my life to keep.
I finally understood why I had to live a life tainted with loneliness

Friday of 28th December:
woke up around 1.36pm exactly cause mom asked if i’m going to my friday prayers.
i was late so i told her that i won’t be going.
so slept back and woke up again around 2+ from lukman’s phone call.
he wanted to come down simei to eat at banquet so i waited for him to come.
atlast, aishah too came with him and i met them at eastpoint.
so slacked at around my neighbourhood and soon after, farhaimi arrived with his blurness.
laughed, joked around and then raimi came.
so after he came, slacked again for awhile and went to eastpoint as raimi was very hungry.
so went banquet, ate, and went to bedok reservoir by 5.
reached there and slacked with farhaimi, lukman, raimi, aishah.
soon after we arrived, iskandar too came there.
it was a full band outing.
the flair!
so yeah, slacked there, laughed, laughed and went home around 11+ and i rushed towards bus no 5 as i actually thought of going to bedok.
but changed of plans since the bus came earlier than i expected.
it was a fun outing, especially without ‘THEM’.

& you came back today..