mood: waiting for someone
The story strikes at full speed
It is helped by the servants of this paradise
Who have become known
Run through your heart
The slope’s unmeasured and far away

Stand up! You’re the brave man
The soaring target cannot be defeated
Blaze up! Go for regaining the forgotten tomorrow
The cause of the battle

Time has risen the limited energy
Which was sleeping in daily life; now it’s being pulled through
Overheating running towards the rainbow
Up now, hazing and far away

Stand up! You’re a soldier
The upcoming target cannot approach and run away
Blaze up! The fighting spirits dividing the road
Cannot hesitate the hot spark which flares

It feels like it’s necessary to defend the dream angel
Who says it’s possible to stand up to the slaves who seem to break through

But I will stand up for those who fell down..

Wednesday of 26th December:
so wake up at around 12pm, and were rushing cause had an interview for a job today at ngee ann city. so bathed, and met farhaimi at bedok mrt and proceeded to kallang to meet raimi first.
raimi arrived and went to orchard.
went to ngee ann city tower a and it was very high-class. so we went to the wrong floor as it was supposed to be 11th floor.
so went down a floor back and went for the interview.
it was a guy who interviewed us three and i have a feeling we will get this job.
after that, proceeded to cathay and ate at long john silvers.
coincidentally we met lan and fiza and slacked there for awhile.
so after that, went to the skate park at somerset and waited for lukman to come.
coincidentally too, we met sponge’s friend, apek and monyet. i didn’t know their real names so yeah, met them, and soon lukman arrived.
slacked there, lend their deck and skate for awhile and after that, proceeded to chicken rice express as lukman haven’t eat yet.
soo proceeded back to peninsular as farhaimi wanted to buy vans shoe.
walked there, bought the shoe and went under the bridge of near esplanade and slacked there.
laughed, snapped some shots, smoked some cigar and went at the riverside.
bought cup-corns and ate.
went home at around 9pm but were extended as we slacked with apek and monyet at memo.
were screen-ed by police so after that, went home by train around 10+.
at train, laughed, laughed, and more laughters until this one guy infront of us too laughed.
so came down at bedok and slacked there for awhile.
drink longan and lychee and went home around 11.
forgot to gave back farhaimi’s shoe so went home with his shoe.

& i really want that girl whom it is really familiar but have just known each other.