mood: obnoxious
The dreams I catch always change shape
And before I realize it, I’ve lost everything
But I know

Whenever I look back at yesterday, my heart aches
I’m going to search for the forgotten fragments of a memory
In a tomorrow I can’t see

I believe my dream, is short-lived but
In this corner of the world
I wait for those brilliant days
As I endure loneliness
It will never disappear
A sign of wish

On sleepless nights, I keep searching alone
Until one wish reaches a star that’s about to disappear
You already know

That you will get stronger, that you are lonely
I’ll awaken and take flight through the sky
As if chasing a distant phantom

A rainbow melts into that zinnia-covered hill
There the sun is laughing and I believe in a brilliant dream
I’m always looking at it
A sign of wish

Saturday of December 22nd:
okay so today never did went out anywhere. slacked, marathon-ed, cook-ed, slept and marathon-ed again.
this post is gonna fill with my bottled feelings so bear with me.

what does this word means to me, when those surrounds me sometimes are just too much, and all i can do is just kept quiet. and when i wanted to be alone and walk back home, they just forced me to stay and said those fucking words.
to me now, it don’t mean a thing. and i hope as 2008 comes by, it will be a new refreshing start. and i will try to begin it from my new school!
if all those wishes i wrote came true. then all i can say is that, wishes are real.
but i hope i will still have those people who still are o-kay with me.
that time when i was alone, i really felt like shouting out loud. but i couldn’t.
my socialness with people too has gotten worst i think. cause, i can’t really communicate well with some people.
especially from my schoolmates.
i just hope they will do fine for those who will go to secondary 5.
this feelings just empty but..

i will live on, for that promise..