mood: angered
Anyone can run and give up,
When given a second..

So let’s keep on walking instead..

There’s something only you can do
So that this blue planet doesn’t lose it’s light

Seize the dreams you had!
Protect your beloved friends!
You can become stronger
Unknown power dwells in your heart, when its fire is lit
Any wish, so true
Will surely be granted…
So show me your brave heart

Not every day is sunny, so sometimes
Even though a cold rain is falling, just open wide your umbrella!

There’s no map of how to live, that’s why we’re free
You can go anywhere

Run faster than the wind!
Aim farther than the skies!
You can meet a new you
Unknown courage sleeps in your heart, and when you realize
The downpour in your heart
Will surely stop…
So show me your brave heart

Seize the bright tomorrow!
Protect the ones you love!
You can become stronger
Break that weak self!
Destroy the walls blocking you!
The warm beat of your heart will be your weapon
Believe only in your heart..

Wednesday of December 19th:
wake up.
slept around 4 am.

Thursday of December 20th:
woke up around 2pm by a phone call from one of “them”. the “them” wanted to go my house but i didn’t want them to, in the end they knocked my house and my mother go let them in.
was angered but forced to put up a masked front again.
around 4.30pm, went to bugis alone and bought this cool watch for 5 bucks.
after that, proceeded to bedok reservoir and met lukman.
she was there too but i’d just acted normally although i’ve been longing for her.
so slacked there, and she wanted to go some other place so me and lukman went to bedok interchange to buy some goods.
ate chicken rice there, and slacked at bedok adventure park but soon after, the “them” came and had to put on a masked front again.
was really irritated by them but kept quiet.
went home around 9.56 and took 38.
arrived home and lukman told me one of “them” talked about me.
that angered me but i can’t do anything cause..
they are still humans.
but with less expressions now, i really hate them to the core.
oh can someone please save me from this frozen pain.

psps: your eyes were full of tears, i could see through that..