mood: boredom
Even if we only undo the buttons that are buttoned up wrong,
Nothing changes for us, right?
We’re only dreaming here forever,
So clumsy that we don’t do anything, aren’t we?

Things that I have lost up to now
And things that you see from this point
If everything is replaced,
Then will we be able to change?
Would we be able to change?

Tell me that you have cried until now with bashful words
Removing the darkness of my pitch-black heart
I want to throw away the old me, I want to embrace you
My desire flows out from my veins

Even if we’re only dreaming within the desert,
We can’t see through other people’s unfairness, right?
We’re crying tears here forever,
Not weak enough to blame ourselves

Things that you have heard up to now;
If I can sing that song from my recollections
Until morning, can you forgive me?
Would you forgive me?

Because I’ll sing from now, melt my numbed heart
Removing the pitch-black, trembling nights
If our nights are soiled, then we can’t believe in anyone
My desire breaks out of this silence

Youth rampages!
Make me only think about you!

Tell me that you have cried until now with bashful words
Dyeing the darkness of my pitch-black heart white
Even if I decide to die someday,
I won’t be able to forget about you
My desire crumbles this silence..

Sunday of December 17th:
woke up around 2+ and bathed. decided to send farhaimi’s bicycle back so cycled from simei to bedok reservoir but changed of plans & met up lukman & raimi at lukman’s neighbourhood.
slacked for awhile and cycled back to farhaimi’s place.
reached and chilled at the void deck & went to farhaimi’s crypt.
slacked, chilled, smoke-d and went home around 11.30pm.

somehow, this world is full of lies, hypocrites, hatred & all those negative influences.
i wished i had some power to change everything.
but.. ironically sometimes i do those things,
but atleast it was for the better and to avoid all those unnecessary fights.
& i too realised that, why do i need to dress-up?
cause.. it’s much better to be your own self..

psps: it was all unnecessary, love.