mood: happy+sad
Precious Time
Broken dreams I couldn’t reach and almost gave up on,
A promise deserted.
Your words that are stuck in my heart and can’t pull out;
I’ve been repeating them over and over.

And, now, the wind is pushing at my back.
My burning heart is about to explode!

Cast aside these times reborn
Precious Time! Glory Days!
You’ve only got one life to live

Paint this faded world red!
Take a chance! Shout it loud!
In a style all your own!

Never forget your first dream!
Continue the chase! Keep holding on!

Past times lying behind the barrier I pieced together,
The rusted, blood-red sky.
I want to be proud now for myself tomorrow,
so I’m gonna run till I collapse.

Dreams are still beyond mirages.
Look out! Don’t take your eyes off that shooting star!

Set your confined heart free!
Precious time! Glory days!
I’ll fly towards you.

A dying passion breathes again.
Take a chance! Shout it loud!
One more try & No more cry.

Sooner or later, our souls will stumble across another.
Wake up! Naked heart!
Open your eyes, right now!

Paint this faded world red!
Take a chance! Shout it loud!
In a style all your own!

Never forget your first dream!
We won’t let this end!
Keep holding on!

Friday of December 14th:
woke up at around 1pm from a phone call by lukman. met him at simei, and proceeded to banquet to eat there.
after then, went my house and slacked there and soon around 7pm, farhaimi arrived and slacked.
soo yeah, farhaimi overnight-ed my house and lukman went home around 10+.
and slept around 4am because of designing a new friendster layout.

Saturday of December 15th:
woke up around 1pm by a shock from staring at farhaimi’s face. *laughs*
bathed and chilled until around 4+ and proceeded to farhaimi’s place cause he wanted to change clothes to go gig.
so yeah, took 65 from there and reached around 7+.
met lukman & raimi there and chilled for awhile.
sooo, we entered the gig and it was veryy fun. coincidentally met ‘sponge’ & ‘zouk’ and we joined them and moshed.
it was very veryy enjoyable!
although i have a few scars at my hand.
oh yeah, and lukman was very violent!
soo .. after gig, went to this shopping mall near there and slacked with them.
and the “THEM” was there too but we didn’t talk at all.
sooo, around 11 went home by bus 65 which was very late and ended up riding bicycle from farhaimi’s house because of no bus left.
cycled home and here i am.
oh yeah, we snapped a few shots from farhaimi’s digicam too!
soooo, for the pictures, i’ll upload aight.
just wait for my update cause..
i’m tired..
& somehow i feel, that those around me are.. great
Love! 😀

A New Name, Arrancar Espada; *Giggles*

It’s A Bad Thing..

Hello, Sponge & Zouk! Let’s take a picture!

psps: i’ve given up on you, maybe that was the right thing afterall