mood: heartache
As you stand lonely in front of me
The melancholy that flows from your back captivates me
I want to embrace you with a nonchalant love

Even if I am alone,
I want to believe in you
In that very moment
This world will start to go round

Cause I’m still searching for myself in the rusted mirror.
I want to grab with my own hands now
because I believe, maybe
that you are waiting for me wherever I may be.

But what are we going to find
By spitting out our hearts
We will still meet again here
If that is the truth

“Even if you lied to yourself, you can’t grow up
But just believe in only your earnest feeling…”

I do not know where I’ll arrive at
I believe I’ll reach there, I’ll let my thoughts run for now

The form of the heart and this path changes
But there is a wish that never disappears

Seeing a different dream, looking at the same sky
That day I swore “I will not lose”
Cause how amazing it feels,
When somehow I’m in a room full of people
But still I feel lonely?

Someday you’ll understand me,
but if that day take place..

I will still love you, no matter what..

Wednesday of 12th December:
was awaken at 12.43pm exactly by a scary nightmare, so called lukman but he is still sleeping so decided to wait for his call.
a few minutes later, farhaimi called and asked me to accompany him to extend his passport at lavender.
so yeah,
was very late cause planned to meet at 2, but in the end i arrived around 2.23pm. soo met farhaimi at bedok and continued our journey to lavender.
so arrived there and soon after, lukman came with his red sweater (tak penting seh),
slacked there while waiting for farhaimi’s queue no to be called (it’s 25 people ahead of him for goodness sake -___-).
after that, went to dhouby ghout for our job interview at a call-centre.
it was very funny.
while waiting for each other’s interview to finish, managed to snap a few shots.
soo finished around 6+ and decided to eat at KFC.
after we ate, 65-ed to farhaimi’s place.
saw this one girl who smiled at me, so yeah, smiled back even though i don’t know who.
soooooooo, arrived at farhaimi’s place and took back my back-up stuffs from his external portable hard-drive.
slacked until 11.30pm and 5-ed home.

psps: somehow, there’s thousand of cold arrows piercing through me..