mood: missing that someone.
Unable to find any words,
I instinctively reached out to touch your shoulder
And you, without saying anything, coldly broke free
Because of a trivial misunderstanding,
our young love is fading away
I don’t want to see such a sad face

Even though your dream may be dissolving,
Just don’t abandon that smile
It’s what keeps my own heart glowing

We swore one day to build the future with our own hands
At any cost, on this planet, no matter where on it you are
And now the two of us stand with tears and glances diverted,
But I believe we’ll be able to meet again

The starry sky we used to gaze up at together,
Where so much light streamed through
All the memories of that still won’t fade away

If you really listen for it,
you’ll begin to hear that phrase
in the melody of the flute that was played

And behind the sky, in the tomorrow my heart depicts,
In that same place, I’ll be right by your side once more
Surely we’ll be together from now on,
plunging ahead through these days
Because there could be a meaning to all of this after all

And love,
I’m contented just by looking at you..

Saturday of 8th December:
I don’t really remember what time i woke up, but today, went out to Farhaimi’s place to borrow his external hard drive..
Cause i was thinking of reformatting this laptop since it was a lil-bit malfuntioning.
soo.. before i reached there, khalis met me for awhile..
& i didn’t wanted to, but..
somehow.. i wasn’t really able to reject;
so after all that, proceeded to farhaimi’s house..
repairing my laptop was a hassle!
so yeah, at around 11+, went home and tried to fix my damn laptop again..
but in the end..
screwed up everything!
soo, slept..

Sunday of 9th December:
first of all,
woke up around 9.30am cause i setup my alarm (& it’s really noisy!), so yeah,
munirah called me to check if i had wake up or not.
& yeah! bathed,
siap-ed, and went to meet my one and only bestie!
met her at bedok interchange, and headed to paya lebar & met her sister.
ate at singapore post, & headed straiiight to junction 8!
nothing much there so decided to went to her sis’s house..
there slacked with her & her sis.
around 10,
went to bedok, sent her to bus stop and..
decided -ormorelikelyforcedmyself- to meet them.
didn’t do much, and went home at around 12.
reached home & received a call from lukman,
so yeah, talked to him on the phone & conference with aishah, ifah and lukman.
& suddenly everyone wanted to sleep so left me and aishah..
& we talked until around 5-6+ in the morning, and she wanted to sleep.
so we slept!

Monday of 10th December:
woke up at exactly 2.33pm by a message from her.
bathed, and tried to fix this laptop again!
but gave up and called farhaimi to borrow his dvd recovery.
ended up he was with them. so yet again, decided -butreallyiforcedmyself!- to go to his house and took the dvd.
so yeah,
the them decided to go pasir ris so i didn’t followed cause i got an appointment with her, so yeah,
ditched them and met her macdonalds bedok reservoir.
repaired my laptop with her
& headed out to lukman’s neighbourhood.
it was raining heavily but for me..
the most sweetest part was..
sharing an umbrella walking in the rain.
*on topic please!*
so yeah, arrived around 7+ & ifah came.
slacked until 9+ and lukman arrived.
she & ifah went to watch tv so lukman and i decided to go his house and slack there for awhile.
so at exactly 10+, went down back, slacked with ifah & her and i went home at around 11.30pm.

Tuesday of 11th December:
today was a real bore, but just as i woke up, tried fixing this laptop and *gracious to god* that my laptop is now perfectly fine (that explains me updating this blog).
so yeah,
slacked at home..
lukman asked me to come down there, but with them around, what for?
sooo.. decided to slack at home & here i am!
updating this missed blog..
& sorry for the longg update.
& i think i have another dedication.
but maybe on the next post.

even if this world comes to an end,
i won’t leave you..