mood: patiently waiting
Still I Love You!
I’m contented just looking at you.
We can no longer return to those times…

I want to meet you and hear your voice once more.
At the street corner I passed, I stopped breathing.
The shadows of two cast by the moonlight, overlap by chance.
Longer than a rooted eternity, that single moment.

Always being with you,
I was in high spirits.
But one by one they disappear,
The places that belonged only to me.

I said I was happy just looking at you.
I kept lying about my feelings.
I love you so much I’m ashamed.
Only passions without shelter remained.

People are probably hiding their true cowardly selves,
And become used to forcing themselves to laugh.
As time passes people can forget, even that comforting touch.
I did not realize that I was serious about you, even if in vain.

It’s painful no matter where I run to,
The memories keep resurfacing.
That all too reserved
Gentleness, has now become my sin.

I saw the night sky beyond the fence.
I grieve under the cold moonlight,
Though it’s darker than the waves hitting the shore,
I will embrace and cry out that fleeting emotion.

But still I Love You…

Tuesday of 27th November:
went to Labvee’s crypt as planned,
but before that, met Khalis at simei and chilled with him.
proceeded to pasir ris at around 6+;
reached at khalis’s crypt.
and went on to meet Labvee,
reached there around 8.46pm exactly.
so me, lukman, raimi, labvee & farhaimi chilled out, fifa-ed as usual,
and the rest went home.
so yeah, me overnight-ed there.
online-d for awhile.
and after a few *golek golek*,

Wednesday of 28th November:
woke up around 1pm by a knock on the door from Farhaimi.
washed my face,
and ordered pizza hut.
ate the cheesy bites!
fifa-ed with farhaimi.
and soon,
one by one,
Lukman came, followed by Khalis and lastly Raimi.
slacked there and at around 7+
our craziness had triggered.
rocked out by playing guitar with Labvee & soon, the others joined too
(scream out loud!)
played dreamland – hammerfall,
unholy confession, beast and the harlot – avenged sevenfold
& the river – good charlotte!
at around 9+,
proceeded to slacked at 139.
coincidentally met geisha and Labvee’s 5th brother.
and went home at 11.30

current song playing, Dido – Thank you
sometimes, i just feel that those people around me, don’t really know me..
& i really hate that feeling of being the only one who always “kena” everything..
i just wish..
that everything was just like..

psps: & i’m still awaiting