mood: still heartaching as ever

& i feel like really..;
that it’s like everything snatched away from me..

at 4+pm of 15th november,
went out to simei cheers to meet my 6th shinigami and lukman;
after a few talkings and cooling things down for thee shinigami,
went to buy ciggarettes & proceeded to p.ris town park.

chilled there until night where the war begun;
you won’t ever win the game with me!

after the fights and stuffs;
proceeded to macdonalds and told everything to the 6th shinigami;

& suddenly he wanted to overnight at my house again;
so yeah;
now he is still sleeping..
& i can’t really sleep that much;
cause of that particular someone..

i really..
like you;

psps: you seemed like you’re avoiding me; why?

*updated on: 19th november 2007, 10:11am*
mood: angry+confused

after a few hours later when 6th shinigami wanted to go somerset to meet his love,
we fought again with his love;
but later at night,
we settled things down and everything was fine;

so i decided to overnight there at pasir ris & in the morning,
went to old chang kee to buy nasi lemak and went to labvee’s house!

there, we K-O.
slept like pigs;
& never did fetch 1st shinigami (shahrizal) from NS.
so, slacked at labvee’s house while waiting for shahrizal to come.

& then we decided to go to arab street to shisha-ing. (spelling please?).
& OH-MY-GOD; we wasted $55 on that place;

after that;
went home;
suddenly i broke down for awhile;
i can’t take it anymore at that point of time;
so i decided to just kept quiet;
knowing that noone ever knows me;
i will change;
& be a very very, different person;
after those fights;
went to labvee’s place (AGAIN!? tak tau nak balik ke!)
slacked there with shahrizal, khalis & labvee.
& sleep again.

on sunday of 18th november;
after we woke up around 1pm,
headed out straight to pasir ris.
oh my!
it was raining heavily;
& it was damn cold;
just like my heart;
i think?
so yeah;
chilled at macdonald’s with labvee & khalis while waiting for farhaimi to come;
shahrizal didn’t followed as he needs to prepare to book-in;
so farhaimi arrived later on;
went out to pasir ris downtown east;
applied at escaped theme park//wild wild wet;
so yeah;
needed to wait for call again;

soo we decided to proceed to central to buy my contact lens;
oh my & i’m still wearing it right now;
and its painful!
and after that;
proceeded to my house to eat with labvee and farhaimi!
nasi lemak is the best!

after we ate;
tried on my contact lenses;
it was hilarious as its my first time to wear such things;
but still;
i managed to wear it!

so yeah;
went to labvee’s house again;
overnight there;
rocked out by playing unholy confessions & beast and the harlot!
we managed to record the video so do check it out aight;

after that;
farhaimi wennt on home;
and labvee & me played fifa-07 and slept;

until morning where labvee wake me up;
and as he goes to school;
i went home and ride bus no 5!
the new single-deck bus is quite interesting;
looked like a home!
so yeah;
many things did happen;
but many of them;
make me;
who i am now;

right, love?

shinigamis – unholy confessions