okay; so let me get this straight.
1st shinigami: Shahrizal [attached]
2nd shinigami: Labvee [just broke up]
3rd shinigami: Raimi [attached]
4th shinigami: Iskandar [attached]
5th shinigami: Farhaimi [just broke up]
6th shinigami: Khalis [just broke up]

so yeah..
yesterday -tuesday of november 14-
woke up at around 4.00 pm when labvee called me to come to my house;
but after that i went to sleep back!
soon then, they messaged me to come down to bedok interchange;
so met khalis first and went to farhaimi’s void deck.
nothing much really;

except for the fact that labvee’s just broke-up.
and i feel this chain reaction..

6th shinigami slept over at my house;
and his talking with his ex right now so i’m pretty bored..
oh so i’m back at my sit again;

short conversation with 6th shinigami;
me: ako ngah update blog ako lahh takmo kacau!
him: ehk? beh asl? letak bodoh yang kau jealous ako popular;

so yeah..
i’m damn JEALOUS of him. nahh!

&&i’m.. feeling this.. painful memories..
i.. don’t know anymore..

psps: it’s coming around again.. don’t you think,oh love?