just went back from -overnighting- at labvee’s place and i’m tired;
havent slept yet but feel like updating my blog;

few things happened yesterday;
went to changi airport to jobhunt with ahmad-khalis-sharil!;
but ended up strolling and become retarded there!
and then took 53 to pasir ris & there this 2 nyonyas sitting right beside us;
*went retarded over that thing while laughing like madd ass!*
reached our bus stop and went to white sands;

we decided to go to “Coffee Club” to apply for a job;
it was kekek seh;
you knoww?!
we need to write the our own form on a blank paper?
but still;
after that; the interviewer called me first;
conversational time!

interviewer: ohh hello qayyum; should i call you that?
me: yeah sure. *smile*
interviewer: oh okay; so tell me more about yourself?
me: umm.. i’m.. friendly & umm, maybe outgoing..
interviewer: oh thats cool, so where do you live?
me: simei..
interviewer: ohh okay, so you’ve worked at long john silver & kfc before right? so tell me more about your experience working there.
me: umm, how should i say, long john silver was quite o-kay but, it was pretty tired as i always “kena” extend.. just like KFC. but then, it was much much horrible in KFC as it doesnt even follow my schedule. *laughs!*
interviewer: ohh o-kay qayyum, i kinda like your personality, you can smile and still talk to a stranger like me.
me: *kat dalam hati: oh shiet! is he gay?* oh haha, yeah, kind-of.

and some other things which doesnt worth mentioning!
so after that its khalis turn, and he took quite sometime!
but still i keep wondering what the heck is typhoid jab that khalis told me?

so after that, went to pasir ris town park and chilled out with my 6th shinigami.

so yeah;
soon later;
lukman & sufiandy arrived;
& waited for labvee, farhaimi, siti and to much of a suprise, AZRIN!
our long lost shinigami!
so waited for them like stupid kids at the playground,
while waiting,
i went to play the swing;
the most hilarious part is that i fell with my ass land first!
*laughs hysterically!*
so few hours later, they arrived and went to kfc!
so we walked there.
after they ate there, we went to the playground again to bash FARHAIMI cause its his birthday!
happy 18th birthday 4th shinigami!
so i punched him; but missed.
but i gotten my revenge when we “keropok” him altogether!

me: SUPER-HIT-COMBO! *punches at farhami’s back*

then labvee reminded that azrin our long-lost-shinigami birthday is on 7 nov!
happy belated 18th birthday!

so we bashed him;
he showed this -_____-“ face to us as our punch has no effect!

after that;
azrin went home;
and i went to labvee’s house
and slacked till the morning and here i am!
updating this blog for goddamned sake!

psps: i’m still finding her, my

tag replies:

ayu: thanks! 😉 youres too!
♥ Fida: changed my font already! yeah yeah! & your blog’s cool too!
an: what do i need to force myself to smile for?..
Julz: yeahh! his the bestest 6th shinigami! 😉