i’ll try my best to update this blog as frequently as i can aights!

cause it’ll look as if it’s dead!
& i got a feeling this post is going to be the longest post ever.

yesterday was the bestest birthday ever.
even though i never make any parties and just went out like usual;
there’s this particular thing which i can’t even explain it in words..
a miracle?
or just by fate?

thanks to her, that particular someone from my childhood;
which miraculously appeared in my life when i didn’t even noticed yet she was just infront of me, talking to me at the phone, sms-ing me, shook her hands, and yet, only yesterday everything suddenly came back to me when she said that she used to live at my block 10 years ago, she was my neighbour just besides my house, which last time i used to send foods when fasting time; being shy and used to hide behind our mothers when they both are talking! oh my, those sweet and childish memories! it’s still living in my memories! how time flies by and this goes to show thatt, there’s really this thing called fate. Cause, it was just too unexpected, too.. sweet.
oh this unexplainable feeling puts me in a place i can’t even explain!

and this was a wish i made when i was 12 years old, which i wished for someone, to give me this unexplainable feeling, and meeting someone.. which was from my childhood memories!


hahas, i better stop about what happened yesterday or i will get mushy!
so.. i will just update whats being happening in my life before yesterday!

Work Life:
the company that i worked in, midastar, turns out to be something what i expected.
i can’t say it here, but.. join the darkside to know more! 😀

Friends Life:
they are still close with me, my shinigamis! & i loveee them to bits! with a couple more friends that joined! haha.

School Life:
finished my n’levels and i don’t think i would continue on to secondary 5, maybe so, i don’t know..
but.. all i know for sure, if i can get through, i would still take private O’s or ITE! it isn’t that bad right? right~?



phew, this was the longest post i’ve ever made! :X
here’s some pic, now indulge yourselves!