(2:46 PM) Anonymous: for you.. is cool and unqiue lah.. but for other people.. you got to think about it…
(2:47 PM) Anonymous: she told many people about you..
(2:48 PM) Anonymous: and many things its kind of bad.
(2:49 PM) Anonymous: people she always mix around with.
(2:50 PM) Anonymous: think about others people feeling lah!
(2:51 PM) Anonymous: she was upset by the way..
(2:53 PM) Anonymous: if you want others to know how you feel and respect you.. you should know how they feel.

seriously, i won’t speak anymore.
if voicing out my real & true opinions is considered a crime..
rather than hypocritical opinions..
i thought people likes the true opinions..
from this point..
true opinions isn’t in my dictionary anymore..