I’ve walked forward;
Without looking back;
Is it a mistake?;
Or just a regret?;
Not that I care though;
I just hope I would find her;
Someone I would’nt have to protect;
Because I doesn’t want to feel the pain..;
The pain of losing her..;

Today is another day;
Isn’t it seems just like the same?;
I’ve searched for an answer;
But all I get was just the same;
I wished that someone would just appear;
And hold my hands;
To kept me alive..;

2 days until the school reopens;
And I’m still having some problems with my artwork;
I wanted to get help;
But I know;
Noone would ever wants to help me;
It’s okay though;
I’ve always been alone all the time anyway..;

I’ve edited much of my LOGON screen & BOOT-up screen;
Maybe that will give me a fresh new look;
As I’m writing this;
I just hope that someone;
Just that someone;
Would message me;

And this maybe the start of my new self;
Everything has change;
Or maybe the change made-up of everything;

I’ve already had someone in my mind;
I hope she would accept me;
But I wouldn’t trust her as much;
Seeing that everytimes that someone break me up into pieces;

I’ll scream out loud..;

It seems that all the times are wasted;
But now it seems, I’m just a stranger to myself;
She doesn’t know how she betrayed me..;