its been 23 days since i’m with her..

and my life never been rocking like this before..

i hearts her so muchh

even hurts me when we can’t acknowledge each other, put our pics at friendster main photos or walk togetherr..

i don’t care..

i promised her, and her cousin that i’d make her happy ..

even when she hurts me when she’s talking about her ex andd all that..i will justt pretend to be happy and won’t make her worry..

nur diyana bte abdul hakimm

i hearts u la..

i just hope that people tend to accept our relationship.. even ur parents and ur family accept it, why can’t your friends accept it.. its like.. its your life, you have the right to choose who to accept and reject guy whatt..

and whenn u saidd those things, i’m afraid that u meant it..

i could really break down, but i know .. that it’s a waste of time..

since you really hearts me.. i appreciate it loadds. i hope we could be togetherr till i don’t know whenn..

i o1o9o6