24th April 2006
err. went to bedok north with [-farhaimi-] . den chillz with him den iskandar came. so we go masjid. den we slack dere. until i go home

25th April 2006
went to watch match between petals and ??? i dun’t know their name. but. whatever. they won. so what the fuck? there’s always winning and losing in a game. but we’re proud cause we catched them up 5-4 . w0ots. den went to raimi’s house. i slacked there. then something came up in my mind. High School Musical!! so. i stayed over there to watch it. kinda romantic . i love the movie. its nice. and . i’ve fallen in love with Vanessa Anne Hudgens [-shes the lead actress-]. ain’t she pretty. i love how the way the movie was brought up. den i watch it la.. den went home. gotta prepare for todae.

Bad Luck. First day and my hair got caught by my D-M. stuupidd him!. den he go cut my hair. lucky it was not botak or close than that. hehes.. i never got to sstudy or anything. andand. i cant meet my partner. nvm. there’s always tomorrow. then went home. [-farhaimi-] called. he invited me to accompany him and [-raimi-] to city hall. well. i also wanted to buy my stuDDed belt anywae.. den went home.. and. here i am..

i really2 wished that something like -High School Musical- would happen to me. oh.. if this really happened to me. i would be. crying and happy. get what i mean? hahas. anywae. if only there’s someone like [-Gabriella(acted by Vanessa!!)-] would come to me. in a unique way. i would be. damn happy. can die also sia. but then. there would never be such a thing.. haiz..