[x] events [x]
11th March ;
forgotten her sister’s “tunang” ceremony. shit. but atleast she understands mie.

12th March ;
Sits at home doing nothing

13th March ;
Went to escape theme park.

14th March ;
Went Bedok Reservoir, ‘lepak’ wif them 4 a while. den went home.

[x] life [x]
dey all nvr treat mie as their friends. i dunt care. but felt hurt a bit. never ask mie to went out wif them. urgh. they’ve forgotten mie. nvm. i am who i am. and i will nvr change my life . a solitary life. hhmph

[x] love [x]
hurt. hurt. but atleast theres still somebody who cares for mie. appreciates it all. thanks!.

[x] family [x]
i wanted to be forgiven. i dunt want to make a mistake or sins. please. but you all makes my limit breaks. i dunt know how to control it. urgh..

[x] memories [x]
im tryin to facade my memories and clouding my struggle of life. ima make fakes memories to make me happy. urgh..