have i waited for 3 pathetic years for nothing?
or issit for everything?

10 ex, i have.
but none i love,
cause i only love you..

does love needs sacrifice?
sometimes i’ve to let go..
but this time. i wont..

i always say what i never meant.
but when it comes to the phrase..
“i love you”

i meant it from the bottom of my heart..
cause i hate to lie to my self.

honesty and everything..
love you more than my self.
cause im the darkSIDEofanANGEL

please dont fight with me,
cause im all alone in my life..
nobody heard me scream..

deep inside, i realize im the one confused,
i dont know why i instigate..
i dont know how i got this way
i never be alright,
so im breaking the habit