this world is full of love
the pain that i suffered from love
is so much painful den ever
but how long would i keep going like this?
i wanted to say i love you
but seems that my heart is dragging me away
from that three words..

my heart is shivering
this world is full of lies
even truth hurts.

what for knowing the truth when it hurts?
while being fooled by lies that made u happy?

i’ve been asking this question to my self
what are my purpose in this life?

im not alone anymore
theres friends that still cared for me

and that is final fantasy crew
i noe i just know you all

but i really know that i can trust u all
especially zal


i’m single for a long time.
but i felt that. single can makes you
hallucinating and illusioning things..
i’ve even made a girl. that actually never existed
why is that so?
try being single for quite very long time.. i mean . VERY LONG TIME
and you will know why..

i hope i wont be like this anymore and find a soulmate for myself.
i wishhed…