im back..
to all the people out there..

accept the one who loves you,
dont always be selfish..

the pain i’ve gone through..
i shall not forget.

ppl left me broken heart..
but i mend it my self..

i have friends like too many..
but only one of them.. can help me.

too many friends..
too many backstabbers

i can’t trust any of them
but i trust myself

i want to go to a place..
but i just dont noe where..

i wanted to meet someone..
but i dont noe who..

im waiting for so long..
but still im living in the solitary world.

i like you..
but do you like me?

answer that question..
from the heart within..

i like you,
do you noe that?

i can’t force myself to..
own-up to u..

i’ve looked far beyond everyone…
but actually..

you’re just infront of me..
so please..

accept me.

*broken hearted*