im nothing.
i dont noe whats worth fighting for.
thought u my cure.
but im wrong.

i felt that im alone.
even though i have friends.
but wats worth having friends.
when they can’t even help you in one single thing.
i can only treasure my self, darthlabvee and princezalxx
they are the best.
even though they noe im not perfect.
they try to change me.

i will never be alright.
save me.
save me from everybody.
the community is hating me.

i cant seem to find a part from my self.
my memories are fading away.
i dont even noe who to love.
and who to hate.
i dont want to be the one.
to choose who i would love.
but then.
i realize.
im the one confused.
why i have to scream.
when nobody hears me.
i would always say wat i didnt mean it.
but from inside my heart.
i always mean everything i said.
i had no options.
but to live life this way.

i loved you.
isnt it just a word.
i cant find the meaning of love.
inside my heart.

maybe i will find someone.
who will help me.
on wats the meaning of .