im bored,

where ARE you?

im here waiting for you..

why wont you come to me?

because u noe u have set me free..

and u have broke my heart..

like a glass shattered in pieces..

i noe i loved you..

but now i hated you..

dont be like this..


im waiting for you..

yes i do..

(ddarkk-aangell is heartbroken)

losted in a world..

where theres no girl..

that can ever replace you..

like the one i love too..

Im still alive..

I can still strive..

Till the end of time..

with this rhyme..

i hope that u hear me..

and feel me..

im so lonely..

i have nobody..

and here i am..

still waiting for you..


(this poem is composed by me this right minute using my brains.. lol.. im hearbroken.. i wan find a girl for my soulmate.. but i cant.. guess i have to give up and walk alone with my shadow by my side..!