This song really meant for me..
“i still feel your touch. in my dreams..”
im fantasizing her.. yesterday i cried when i was sleeping.. i juz noticed it when i woke up and felt my eyes filled with tears..
i juz want her to noe.. that i still love her.. but love = happiness of the girl.. so if she is feeling happy with her boy.. then im happy too even though i cant survive without her…

even we knew each other for quite a short time.. it felt like we knew each other since we were born..

Well.. i tried to.. but i cant..this juz doesnt feel right.. 2 years have passed.. and she juz walk into my life again.. but the past is past.. i cant blame anyone but myself.. why am i so stupid not to give her love and care.. to cherish her..

haiz.. i understand ppl very well but ppl juz seems to understand me less..
Hope she is feeling happy with her guy and life… cause i wont let this happen again.. i wont fall in love … i wont do anythng… im not coward to fall in love.. but i dont want many things to happen.. my experience is far more superior… and this are my decision.. i dont care if ppl thought that im sort of play boy type (who flirts around).. cause im really heartbroken now.. and i dont want it to be mend.. its better than to be mended , and break again.. haiz..

i hope that this will not continue until forever.. cause i really wants to fall in love .. but i cant.. im afraid.. afraid of being hurt.. thrice i have felt.. and it will be the last… im not gonna do those foolish things again.. maybe someday i will rise from a fallen hearbroken boy, to a nice mature guy.. .. i hope so..

this is my dream.. and i hope it will come true.. please u girls and guys… dont be like me.. be strong to accept anything…. as u all say. time will heal everything..

this will remain a secret in my heart.. and in this blog too.. *winks*