Haiz.. well from now on. im gonna be the way i am.. and as the saying goes.. “Kalau ako tak kacau org.. org tak kacau ako..” and the other way round too.. u noe why? because im tired of taking care of them.. i juz gave up.. i gave up everything (except for someone who i am waiting for..)

Well.. i hated everything in my life except for my family and my trusted friends.. (or should i say. blood brothers..) till death do i part the fucking world full of lies..

hmm..where shud i start this blog off ah? ah yeahs.. juz now got some stupid scdf thingy that cant allow us to buy food from the canteen whereas to get only 1 mineral water and 2 pieces of biscuits.. omfg.. i cant even survive… juz now i get to noe the truth that iryadi is lying to us all along.. he cant be trusted anymore.. to hell with him.. but i noe uzair, imran and sheikh will be my friends for life.. but i shud really becareful .. cause there’s a time when they started to backstabbing me.. 🙂

now im gonna try to be independent and start of a new life of my self.. cant be bothered by hatred and love.. they sucks.. i juz wanna stay my life.. my way… my rules!..

Thats all for now though. forgot whats in my empty mind.. later i update this blog again.. bye bye