forgotten about the past.. not interested in the present.. patience for the future… this is my new principle now.. but as i say.. i still forgive but i wont forget.. remember that.. damn..! heard that ppl from melayusg is searching for me.. for wat? stupid idiotic reason because i write my profile like that.. cheebye sia? haiz.. this juz small2 thing and they wanted to pick a fight for me..i really2 dont want to be with melayusg back sia.. all kerekx sia… cb… and i juz dont like to be with them… then.. last year’s thing also want to remember back.. eh hello!! wake up ah sia.. last year is last year.. this year is this year.. ok?? cb..!!! then they all said they want to beat me up.. for a stupid lame reason of a friendster profile.. eh my profile.. my likings.. not my problem sia.. its ur problem lar.. cb..!!! jealous issit.. because melayusg peeps are now not so close.. -_-