bad luck.. i hate my lyfe.. well.. i really2 love nuwul very2 much.. its juz that i dont noe how to make the first move!.. but then.. izfarhan said that hanys like me.. argh…. but i really2 love nuwul siak.. damn.. i went to jurong to meet nuwul.. and she was like allways paying attention with izfarhan.. haiz… well.. maybe i was like being to paranoid.. but who noes.. maybe she likes faz back? haiz… i dont noe wat to do.. i though i can be happy.. but i was wrong.. haiz… i really2 wanted to be happy sia… nvm lar… if nuwul reads this.. maybe she could understand a bit.. btw.. i and hanys are juz friends.. “tak lebih dari tu..” haiz.. bey i think she was misunderstood…damn.. tak habes ngn faz sey.. i really wanted to talk to her.. hug her.. kiss her.. but hanys is between our way.. well.. i dont noe wat to do.. but nuwul is like giving hanys a chance to getting me.. but she didnt even help herself.. haiz.. i wanted to cry but i hold on to my tears until i reached home.. then at 1.00am i went downstairs to take some fresh air.. to release my tension.. my stressed mind.. then i walk at the park behind the bridge.. it was scary.. but im not afraid.. damn.. it feels really2 good if i die now.. there would be no problems in my mind sia.. haiz.. from my point of view.. she had changed.. always when i wanted to put down the fone.. she would like stopping me.. but now.. she juz let go of me.. haiz.. then if i said that “kalau ni the last time i tok to u.. what would u do?” then she said.. “takmo lar gini mcm..” but now.. if i said that .. she would juz say “watever..” haiz… if she has rahmat.. then why does she loves me.. im really confused now.. i noe that rahmat is far more better then me.. but my love is pure than him.. haiz.. maybe noone understands the word LOVE and what it meant.. haiz..