Hello.. so bored.. all the way at home.. hmmm. did i tell u about our bs? bro and siz.. hehe.. its become more and more popular right now.. 19 people had joined this group.. my good friend sara become the leader for the sista, and my friend [izfarhan] is the leader for the brothers, haiz.. now i noe what nuwul did to me… nvm though.. the past is past.. we must live on.. haiz.. juz now went to bedok interchange with didi and faz, then met Huda and her friends.. i hate them.. they stared at me like they wanted to eat me.. hahakz.. then i just went straight without looking back… even left didi and izfarhan.. then i went home.. then design’ed the new blog layout.. hehe!! thats all.. good night.. so tiring.. bye bye!