hello,long time never blog..sorry..cause my sister take laptop to the office…well, the other day we conference at fik’s hp.. fik’s lied to me an izfarhan, cause he said that nuwul (my ex) were adilah.. but it was her.. izfarhan and i knew it.. then, i remember what nuwul did to me.. i was very sad.. i never even talk at the phone when conferencing… becaus i still hate her..i dont noe why.. but i juz dont knoe what to do.. but now.. i understand and know everything that i never knew… i dont noe.. im starting to like her bit by bit.. well.. she always wanted to speak to me… dont noe why.. but i feel that i can get along with her very2 well.. even if i stead with her.. i never even knew her that well… hmm.. but i am so pity of her.. she was being controlled by her boyfriend.. haiz.. if she hadnt broke up with me.. i wouldnt even cry.. haiz… but nevermind.. let the past be past.. we must live on..! then now .. i think she likes me.. but i dont noe… cause it feels really hurting to patch up again,cause im afraid that im gonna be sad again.. haiz.. u noe what? when i broke up with her.. she starting to like izfarhan… but then.. izfarhan sort of reject her.. damn.. its all because of that zaid ah… cheebye.. hahakz… damn.. those memory are still refresh in my mind.. hahakz.. well then.. so much that i have to say.. but later though.. cause im talking to her and fik right now.. so bye bye!!