hie …. went to school today to buy the new uniform..

omg… so sucky..yellow and red? omfg.. like a clown . hahahakz..but nvm though..

saw atika..omg.. she’s so gorgeous.. hahakz.. met some new students of tkss..

then saw asri .. we go back home together.. then play cs…

and then he and i were friends again..

i went to check sleese shoes.. but no have.. too expensive ..

damn.. i was supposed to meet iswandy and izfarhan. but i am late though.. so, might as well never come..

then at night…when i was talking with izfarhan on the phone

fik(kat) asked me to call him because his “girlfriend” wants to talk to me.. i asked him

who? but he never tell me.. he said that her name is nurul adilah.. then i and izfarhan

joined conferencing with them.. then early in the morning around 2.00 am .. we juz got to know

the truth.. fik’s matair was nuwul jannah.. omfg.. my ex.. and izfarhan’s ex admire.. haiz..

fucked up.. i not really hate her… but i dislike her because she lied to me..

i liked the truth more better than lies.. cause she said that she doesnt want to break my heart

but then.. she broke it more painful than she told me the truth.. she lied to me that she

“stead” with me because of money.. haiz.. but then.. fik told me she loved me very much..

but she juz wanted a break up.. geez.. why doesnt she teld me the truth?! haiz

fucked up!! peace off!