I was being Punked?! that was wat my reaction were when i knew that shakila wasnt shakila.. but [Faizul] who played a nasty joke on me.. Curse YOU!Damn that Uzair has broken off our brothers blood.. he has been influenced from that gangster.. [Brother Nai], but we are still FRIENDS! well.. i still hates Uzair though..i had a talk at Tampines Macdonalds with Uzair, Ady, Izfarhan and Sheikh..everybody wasnt in the mood until i ask Ady and Izfarhan to follow me to my Aunties House.. then at there.. i met my beautiful cousin.. [Amirah], Ady & Izfarhan were admiring her.. i got a bit jealous.. but come to think of it.. it wasnt meant to be.. After eating at my aunties house.. i ask [Amirah] for her new handphone number.. and i got it.. =D!Well.. By the way.. Izfarhan and i were brothers back again.. =D